Countries Australians Can Travel To Once Borders Reopen


Exciting Travel Opportunities for Australians: Countries to Visit When Borders Reopen

As the Australian government plans to open its borders by November, it's time to start planning your next adventure! We've compiled a list of potential countries open for travel, so you can start dreaming of where you'll go next. Keep checking back for updates as we get closer to being able to travel again.

  1. Singapore Singapore is expected to open its borders to Aussies with the possibility of an "Australia-Singapore travel bubble" similar to the successful "New Zealand travel bubble". Tourism Minister Dan Tehan has committed to having the bubble "ready to go by the end of the year".

  2. Japan Australia is in talks with Japan to open a travel bubble, as long as both countries can keep their daily COVID cases under control. If successful, Aussies will be able to visit the "Land of the Rising Sun" soon.

  3. United States Once Australia hits the 80% vaccination target and the U.S. can keep its daily cases under control, the U.S. will be open for travel. This is great news for Aussie travellers with plenty of destinations to choose from such as Miami, California and New York.

  4. United Kingdom Like the U.S., the U.K. is on the list of countries the Australian government is planning to establish a travel bubble with once the 80% vaccination target is reached. With destinations like Manchester, Edinburgh, London and Belfast, Aussies can once again experience the rich culture and experiences the U.K. has to offer.

  5. Canada Canada is open for travel for fully vaccinated Aussies, with Qantas and Air Canada expected to open up bookings by December.

  6. Fiji Fiji is set to reopen to international tourists in November, making it a potential destination for Aussie travellers. Fiji Airways' CEO has stated that they are "ready to fly" if a travel bubble is agreed upon.

  7. New Zealand The New Zealand travel bubble began in April but ended in July due to rising COVID cases in both countries. The latest update is that international travellers will be allowed in early 2022, based on a tiered risk system.

  8. South Africa Flights between South Africa and Australia are expected to open up in January 2022, three months earlier than originally planned. This aligns with the removal of quarantine requirements for travellers arriving in New South Wales from South Africa.

  9. Germany Germany is open for travel for fully vaccinated travellers, with no quarantine requirements. This means Aussies can explore the vibrant cities, picturesque countryside and enjoy the famous Oktoberfest celebrations.

  10. Greece Greece is open for travel for fully vaccinated travellers, with no quarantine requirements. This means Aussies can experience the beautiful beaches, ancient history and delicious cuisine of this stunning country.

Get ready to start packing your bags and exploring the world again!

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