Top Strategies to Save on Roaming Fees While Traveling


Top Strategies to Save on Roaming Fees While Traveling

Roaming fees can be a huge surprise when traveling, with carriers charging exorbitant rates for international data usage. But there are ways to save on these fees and avoid a shock phone bill upon returning from your trip. Here are four strategies to consider:

  1. Check with your carrier ahead of time

Before heading out, check with your carrier regarding international data options. Some offer free international data or free data in certain countries, while others offer short-term data plans with varying rates.

  1. Rely on local Wi-Fi

Turn off your data and rely on Wi-Fi hotspots in urban areas to save on roaming fees. Be cautious when accessing open networks in odd areas and consider downloading local maps from Google Maps for use with GPS.

  1. Get a local SIM card

Purchase a local SIM card at your destination for access to data on local networks. Be aware of potential problems like overcharging or buying the wrong type of card for your phone.

  1. Get an eSIM

For eSIM capable devices, consider downloading a data pack from a provider or marketplace. eSIMs offer instant data and connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card, but be sure to check if your device is eSIM compatible and if your destination has eSIM supported networks.

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