Temporary Car Insurance While Travelling


Temporary Car Insurance: When You Need It, How to Choose the Right Provider and How It Works

Temporary car insurance is a great option for those who need insurance for a short period of time, such as when traveling or borrowing a vehicle. In this guide, we'll explore when you might need temporary insurance, how it works, and what to consider when choosing a policy.

When You Might Need Temporary Car Insurance:

  • When using a vehicle to stay in on holiday
  • When your car is impractical for a weekend break
  • When you don't need a car all the time
  • If you need to travel whilst your car is being repaired
  • When you're going to pick up a new car

How Temporary Insurance Works:

  • Most policies last between 1-30 days
  • Gives the same level of cover as a standard policy
  • Separate from your annual policy

Who Can Get Temporary Car Insurance:

  • Must be of driving age and hold a valid license
  • Those who do not have too many claims or penalty points
  • Must have a registered address
  • Cannot have any criminal convictions
  • Cannot have been refused a car insurance policy in the recent past

Choosing the Right Policy:

  • Consider your needs and the duration of your trip
  • Research different providers and compare quotes
  • Check the exclusions and limitations of the policy
  • Confirm that the vehicle meets the requirements of the policy

What if I'm traveling abroad?

  • Possible with temporary car insurance
  • Check provider offers European or foreign travel
  • Inform car owner of traveling plans

How do I set up a temporary policy?

  • Search online for providers
  • Call or apply online
  • Use apps like Cuvva or Dayinsure

How do I choose the right provider?

  • Speak to regular provider
  • Use comparison sites
  • Look for deals online
  • Use Google searches
  • Ask friends and family for recommendations

In conclusion, temporary car insurance is a convenient and flexible option for those who need short-term coverage. Be sure to research different providers and compare quotes to find the right policy for your needs.

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