Is Holafly eSIM actually 'unlimited' data? Get the full run down.


Is Holafly eSIM actually 'unlimited' data?

Are you thinking of purchasing a "unlimited" data plan from Holafly eSIM for your next trip abroad? Think again. Despite their promises of high-speed, unrestricted internet access, many customers have reported slow connection speeds and even throttling on their "unlimited" data plans.

In fact, Holafly didn't even advertise their data plans as "unlimited" initially. It wasn't until the first half of 2022 that they updated their marketing to include the word "unlimited." And as we all know, "unlimited" data doesn't mean you can enjoy high-speed internet all the time. This is a common tactic used by mobile internet service providers to lure in customers, but it can be extremely disappointing when you realize your "unlimited" data is anything but.

If you're still interested in purchasing a data plan from Holafly eSIM, just remember to read the fine print and be aware of the potential limitations. And don't be fooled by the "unlimited" label - it's probably not as unlimited as you think. Alternatively you can chose a set data packet here

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