Is Holafly eSIM actually 'unlimited' data? Get the full run down.


Some Travel eSIM service providers offers so-called 'Unlimited' data plans. But does it mean you can use mobile internet without any throttling (speed restrictions) with their eSIM?

Well, I conducted a little digging on social media to uncover what people are experiencing and saying about their Holafly eSIM.

Here are some interesting discoveries from social media about its Speed, Customer service, and Hotspot feature.

Speed can be really really slow

On Twitter-verse, you can find tweets like this mentioning slow connection, throttling, speed being dropped, etc.

Those plans were not advertised as 'unlimited' initially

It looks that at some point in the first half of year 2022 they've updated their data plans and started advertising some of them as 'Unlimited' data.

'Unlimited' data does not mean you can enjoy high speed all the time

This practice of luring people with sweet 'Unlimited' word is often seen in mobile internet services.

While it's technically not wrong since you could still use data at a much slower speed, some people would find it very deceptive.

I personally hope that companies stop using this misleading notation and start advertising data plans with a specific GB (unless it's true unlimited data of course).


Although we don't know for sure that network throttling or speed restriction do exist for Holafly eSIM and if so when it occurs on what conditions, it's important to point out that 'unlimited' data in the context of prepaid mobile data is, in general, not really unlimited (unless it comes from the telco itself). If you are interested in learning more, google 'Fair Usage Policy' for nitty-gritty.

Note that what's summarized here is one way of looking at the Holafly eSIM and is a reminder that it may be disappointing.

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