Here are the top 5 ways that eSimselect customers use their eSIMs:


eSimselect has seen an exceptional amount of feedback from first-time and recurring eSIM users. While each person's experience will be different, these 5 ways of using eSIM are fairly common among our customers:

  1. Internet at home (replacement)

Some users download data packs to use on the go in their home country. This allows them to manage their workflow directly on their phone or tether data to a laptop.

  1. Working remotely (Digital Nomads)

Digital nomads take advantage of downloadable and flexible eSIM plans to stay connected while traveling to different countries.

  1. Seafarers

Seafarers and seamen use eSIMs to avoid the hassle of finding a SIM vendor when they arrive at port.

  1. Traveling on vacation

Many eSIM users trust their data package will work once they arrive at their destination, allowing them to stay connected during their vacation.

  1. Corporate or business travelers

Corporate or business travelers use eSIMs to avoid the hassle of dealing with physical SIM cards and avoid roaming fees.

Make the switch to eSIM today with eSimselect and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of downloadable data plans. Don't get stuck with a physical SIM card, upgrade to eSIM now!

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