Exploring the High Cost of Daily Roaming Plans: 5 Reasons Why They're So Expensive


Why Daily Roaming Plans Are So Expensive:

Our relationship with mobile network providers has been a one way street. The reality is that we need our mobile devices for the ability to call, send text messages, and send/receive data.

  1. Your Home network versus new networks
  • When traveling abroad, you are using data roaming and operating as a guest outside of your home network
  • Your home network provider doesn't control the rates of the new network you're connecting to
  • As a result, you are charged a higher premium for call, text, and data services
  1. No incentives for affordability when traveling abroad
  • Your local provider offers daily roaming rates that are typically 10 times higher than your standard plan
  • You have no bargaining power and have to take whatever option the new network gives you
  1. No transparency in pricing
  • The cost structure for roaming is arbitrarily set by both your home provider and the new network you're visiting
  • There is no reason for call, text, or data to be charged by the minute, character, or day
  • Roaming rates will also differ by each network
  1. Short trips mean no leverage
  • Telecom providers can charge higher rates because you need their services for a short time and they know it
  • There is no good reason to pay 10 times more on a roaming plan for the same services you can get locally at a fraction of the cost
  1. Complicated arrangements
  • Your roaming options may be reasonable or astronomical, and you have very little control over them
  • If your home provider has established carrier relations with the country you're visiting, at best you'll only have to pay a reasonable premium
  • If you accidentally connect to a network not covered by your provider's roaming pass, it can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars extra

How to avoid roaming charges:

  • Download an eSIM from eSimselect and pay exactly for what you need with transparent costs
  • Our eSIMs are supported by over 190 countries and regions and are prepaid plans that are supported by corresponding local networks
  • You can download your plan with a QR code and avoid roaming costs
  • Avoid the hassle and high costs of roaming and try your first eSIM today!

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