5 Fun Holiday Activities You Can Enjoy with an eSIM


Are you planning a holiday and wondering how to stay connected on the go? An eSIM from eSimselect can make your trip even more enjoyable with the following five activities:

  1. Hiking and exploring the countryside With an eSIM, you can stay connected wherever you go! Whether you're hiking in a beautiful forest, climbing a mountain, or enjoying a swim in the ocean, your eSIM will provide you with data access to:
  • Contact friends and family with Whatsapp
  • Check local weather conditions
  • Use maps to navigate and stay safe
  • Keep in touch with fellow travelers in real-time
  1. Posting on social media An eSIM is perfect for heavy phone users who want to capture and share their holiday experiences online. With a data plan, you can:
  • Instantly upload photos and videos
  • Communicate and interact with your followers in real-time
  • Find out what other travellers are doing and connect with them
  1. Finding locations, maps, and reviews Public Wi-Fi can be unreliable, making it difficult to find the best restaurants and tourist attractions. With a data plan, you can:
  • Curate a fantastic trip with maps and reviews
  • Find the distance between cafes, restaurants and other destinations
  • Read reviews and guides wherever you are
  1. Booking flights, hotels, and rides during the departure and arrival phase of a trip can be stressful, with flight delays and traffic issues. An eSIM can help you:
  • Book and rebook flights quickly
  • Check-in and out of your hotel
  • Use ridesharing and taxi services to get around

Pro tip: You can download and install your eSIM plan before you leave, so it's ready to use when you arrive at your destination.

  1. Living life as a digital nomad If you're extending your holiday or want to live a fully remote work lifestyle, an eSIM can give you the flexibility to:
  • Take video calls from anywhere
  • Answer emails and send files
  • Work from the beach, a remote café, or any picturesque location

With an eSIM from eSimselect, you can enjoy all the benefits of digital nomad life while staying connected and in touch with the world.

Joke: Why was the eSIM a popular choice among the elephants on their holiday? Because it helped them stay connected while they were out on the range!

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